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like photoshop, but for patriarchy.

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Retouched was born from the idea that feminists have better things to do than argue the existence of patriarchy to devil's advocates and internalized-misogynists all the time. By taking existing vintage tees that inherently testify to patriarchal culture in mundane and shocking ways and embroidering over them with feminist messages, we are acknowledging existing misogyny while working to overcome the structures of power that perpetuate it. 


Though reworked Retouched tees are made from pre-owned or deadstock vintage garments, it's important to note that clothing with the same or similar messaging and imagery is still being produced and sold today, and that many of the notions that underlie their messaging, from the objectification and commodification of women's bodies to the idea that women are frivolous, crazy, or merely a nuisance to be dealt with extend into our culture far beyond the fronts of t-shirts. 


To combat this, Retouched is also producing new feminist t-shirts, with a percentage of proceeds for these styles going to women's charities. The Retouched collection is an extension of our mission to bring attention to inclusive, intersectional feminism. 


While relevant vintage tees are in limited supply, the new Retouched tees provide the opportunity to foster dialogue about feminism more widely. By creating cool, interesting styles with feminist messaging, we hope to continue the conversation and increase consciousness around feminism that will eventually result in tangible change.